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We are two creative sisters Marietjie & Sanet who started a family business, open our doors 11 April 2011 in Clanwilliam.


Fabric, fashion, craft, new ideas, old ideas made new and rooibos are our passion.

Our shop is in a big old house with lots of rooms that makes the wondering around eventful. We are collectors and can’t see anything goes to waste. Our vintage style with lots of old scrap and modern craft & beautiful frames, offer the visitor a unique experience.


During July 2012 we decided to open an exclusive Rooibos Teahouse, where you can taste, drink, buy and experience more than 100 rooibos teas on the market.  We offer a rooibos tea tasting, rooibos baking or just rooibos tea. Join us for a cup of Rooibos on our stoep and experience so much more than tea.

We would like to welcome you in our home, don't pass this shop when you're visiting Clanwilliam, South Africa.


In August 2014 we open the Rooibos Route, an unique route were one can experience more than a cup of Rooibos. The route offers a wide variety, choose the Clan you want to experience: Cultivation | History | Activities | Restaurants | Teahouse | Accommodation | Treats

Visit the Rooibos Route  www.rooibos-route.co.za


Tea House
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